The $20k Life Coach LIVE
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Discover the Wonder Woman inside you to overcome obstacles, achieve success, and create a meaningful, fulfilling life.
Women who work with Lani Nalu and 7x their Energy do amazing things, like...
  • Double their incomes
  • Land their dream job
  • Get pregnant (after being told they never could)
  • ​Manifest their ideal life partner
  • ​Lose weight
  • ​Heal their bodies
  • ​Learn to love themself

  January 13th 2021
10am - 3pm (Bali time)

  live Event 
canggu, bali

WHAT IS 7x Your Energy LIVE?

I'm inviting you to join me for a virtual deep dive into the secrets that have allowed 650 women across the world escape the horrible hamster wheel of self doubt, and start 7x’ing their energy using the one thing most female entrepreneurs lack… EUPHORIC ENERGY AMPLIFIER™️

about lani Nalu


Bad ass extraordinaire, Lani is an expert at teaching women how to 7x their energy FAST!

Lani has helped 650+ women around the world to get out of their head, 7x their energy, and start living their dream life NOW.


  • The 4 Step Blueprint to 7x your Energy Levels and creating your dream life, fast! 
  • My super fun “Hench” that doubles income fast (90% of female entrepreneurs don’t do this)
  • Rapid Reprogramming to manifest your ideal partner after years of terrible dates (I spent over 6 figures to learn this)
  • ​Why you must have unwavering certainty in order to learn to love yourself - and the pain and suffering this can help you avoid
  • ​Miracle pregnancies (even if you've been told you never could)
  • ​How to heal your body! I'm talking healing crohn’s disease, chronic fatigue, auto immune disease you name it, it can be healed!
  • Why 7x'ing your energy means weight loss without dieting!
  • And much, much more!

The DIAMOND Experience...

Only $97

Includes over $6,000 of Bonuses! 

(Value $000's)

Join me for an exclusive 1 hour session before the main event.

I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and like a billion hours perfecting my exclusive ‘7x Your Energy blueprint.’ 

You get to ask your specific burning questions to learn exactly HOW you can do it within 90 days.

What question if you had the answer to would change the trajectory of your life?

I swear by getting in the right room with the women who have already done it.

My strategies have gotten my clients from $20k months to $100k months. 

They’ve helped women end crappy relationship with shitty standards and Queen up to attract the sexy man of their dreams. 

They’ve helped women 10x their energy in a matter of days… And so much more!

My hourly rate is $5,000. So this is a great opportunity to get amazing, valuable time with me and take full advantage of my specific expertise in accessing your Feminine Energy in business and love to live your dream life fast.

Fast & simple Burn Fat and Heal Your Body Yoga Gallery

Join Lani for over 50 Yoga & Mindset Classes

(Value $997)

Fitness and stretching are a crucial part in being able to live your dream life. 

I have compiled over 50 of my personal favourite fat burning and body healing yoga classes. 

These healing classes fit perfectly into your schedule, you can do them from home, and you will feel rejuvenated immediately. 

Ending burnout and doubling your energy has never been this fun.

How to have a Calming restful sleep and Wake up with an unlimited boost of energy™

(Value $247)

Almost 70% of women have sleeping problems ranging from brain fog to full blown insomnia. 

Women are twice as likely to have insomnia as men. 

Perfectionists and women who have high pressure jobs suffer the most.

My short calming series will release stress, anxiety, and burnout to lead you to you a calming, restful nights sleep. 

You will have an incredible boost in energy when you wake.

Replacing brain fog, exhaustion, and an overwhelming sense of dread with unshakeable positivity, a deep sense of peace, and appreciation for the Here & Now.

How to shift from stressed out masculine energy to the Bad Ass Wonder Woman you were born to be

(Value $247)

This is my sexy, shameless, uncensored love series baby.

Women in high pressure roles who are always expected to deliver spend an unbalanced amount of time in their analytical brain. 

You lose motivation for the things that used to light you up. 

Instead you feel a burden to just get them done and over with… whether it’s working out, sex, cooking, or taking a break. 

You’ve lost your day to day spark and joy.

My simple, short framework will get you from an overachieving, masculine woman to the energetic, excited, happy version of you.

It’s so much more fun to feel proud of yourself. 

Bye bye masculine bitch… Hello Queen! 

You positively affects everyone around you!

How To Double Your Feminine Energy In 10 minutes

(Value $247)

When you’re a woman being in your masculine energy the majority of the time makes you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed, and have a panic of responsibility for everyone around you.

In just 10 minutes you’ll learn how to double your Feminine Energy. 

You’ll go from survival mode to thriving. 

You’ll unlock your energy and creativity in minutes.

I’ve taught over 650 women around the World how to double their Feminine Energy and I’m pumped it’s your turn


"I loved all of it especially the gorgeous group of women who shared the space & their energy"
"It gave me the practical & spiritual tools I needed to take everything in my life to the next level"
"I now know how to take action & achieve the life & success I've only dreamed of"
"Lani taught us... how to move past our  limiting beliefs"
"There were so many gems at the event which have given me great shifts into how I can get the road map to where I want to be"
"Lani and team Lani never fail to disappoint"
"Absolutely incredible content that really brought you to you're reality"
"I have been able to 10x my Energy... on a soul level!" - Sam
"I have 10x'd my Energy, 10x'd my income and healed my body from Endometriosis"- Abbie
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